Saturday, February 6, 2016

Wednesday's with Lynnderella | On Fleek Limited Edition

Hello Hello Hello!

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Gosh, it seems like I haven't done a review in ages! Recovering from surgery has been challenging with not being able to use my arms. I've had bare nails since Jan 10th.  I finally got the "okay" to start using my arms, slowly and finally got to paint my nails.  Work has been crazy busy....and more jaw dropping things have happened with "rude girl".  Thank goodness we all work from home, because if I had to take her crap in person, I'd probably lose my job from going off on her. I simply cannot understand how someone can be rude and shitty everyday, even to the client, yes...she's rude to the client! My supervisor knows, as she's rude to him as well.  She told him he was a "predictable coward"!! Who the hell says that to their boss!! When ever I have to call her, she answers with "YUP" in the nastiest tone of voice.  I don't stoop to her level and react, I speak in a nice tone, overly nice and so badly want to ask her if she realizes all of our calls are recorded and our emails are monitored.  I am shocked she still has a job.  More stories to come on the things she does and gets away with later.  My surgery recovering is going okay, it's a long recovery and I'm just ready to get back to my normal activities.

Today's review is all about Pink! Y'all know it's my favorite color, so when I got it in the mail from Lynnderella, I was beaming with delight.  Lynnderella Lacquer has out done themselves on this one.  On Fleek is a translucent rose pink with assorted Holographic and translucent flakies.  It has me swooning with joy! This beautiful creation was so very hard to capture with my camera, it's one you have to see in person.  The macro bottle shot shows her true beauty.  Let's have a look....

What a gorgeous creation!  You can bid on this beauty, when it comes up, on the Ebay Lynnderella shop.  There are a lot of gorgeous LE polishes up for bid right now in the Ebay shop.  Head on over there to see what tickles your fancy.  I will leave all the links below.  That is all I have for you today.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where it all is!

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