Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wednesday's with Lynnderella | Navy Chill Limited Edition

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Seems like it's been forever since I did my last Lynnderella review, man this past week has gone by slooooow! I never thought I'd hate moving more than I do now.  We have so much stuff, that it would have taken an army to move us in one day.  We have to be out by this weekend, so the hubs had to take 2 more days off to finish getting everything out of there! Il be glad when it's done and I'm excited to have me of the rooms turne into my office/beauty/polish room.  I've bought a few things and so far it's looking really good.  I'm most excited about getting one of those mirrors with lights all around it, the kind they use in Hollywood :) Work drama, more on that next week.

I have quite a unique polish to share with you today and I'm totally embarrassed to say I had no idea it was a thermal!! Sigh, I took photos then researched the details and by then I had already taken off the polish...stupid me! I did find a few photos that shows the transformation though! Navy Chill is an amazing Thermochromatic Holographic Microglitter ( YES, this is a bottle of awesomeness ) that shifts from Royal Navy Blue to gorgeous Silver-y Aqua, all uniquely contained in a clear shimmer base.  Depending on application, one can achieve opacity in 2 coats.  Which is exactly what I applied, 2 fantastic smooth coats, en finished with a shiny top coat.  Let's have a look...

Full Sun

This is the magic that happens when you add water!  *Photo Credit * belongs to Erins Polish Playground. 

Such a unique polish and a must have for any collector and polish lover.  This is a Limited Edition, so keep your eyes open and bid on it when it appears on the Lynnderella Ebay store.  I will leave all the links below.  That is all I have for you today.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where it all is!

Stay Fierce,

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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Wednesday's with Lynnderella | Sea the Love - Limited Edition

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I have quick review for you today and if you love Mermaid polishes, this one is for you.  We move this weekend and damn, we have a lot of stuff! I dread moving, but am so excited to get into our new house.  My mind is on overload of all the things I want to buy.  There are so many ideas I have on things I want my husband to build too.  I know I can't get it all at once, little by little is just fine.  DIY  home projects...there will be a lot of them.  I may share pics in next weeks review.

Let's get to today's gorgeous polish.  Sea the Love is drop dead gorgeous, I mean I could not stop staring at my nails.  This unique polish is a multi glitter bottle of love for Memaids and Mermen of all ages.  Features Cyan holographic hearts, flowers, diatoms,  a few renegade pointy Starfish and Green bubbles, all beautifully living in a clear Aqua and Cyan-shimmered base.  It is simple Mermaidliscious! Looking at it in the bottle will take you to a lush tropical island.  This is by far my favorite Lynnderella polish, I'm totally swooning over Sea the Love.  The application was perfect, it was as if the glitters perfectly placed them selves on each nail.  I used a coat of Sea the love over PDP Celebration, then finished with 2 layers of topcoat.

*GASP*!! I am totally drooling over this combination.  If this does not get you in the mood for the summer, on a tropical beach, with a drink in hand, I am not sure what will.  Totally speaks Mermaid's Welcome!  If you see this one come up on the Lynnderella Ebay store, be sure to bid on it.  That is all I have for you today.  I will leave all the links below.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where is all is!

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Friday, March 4, 2016

Wednesday's with Lynnderella | Unteal She Is Blue - Limited Edition

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Another week has come and gone so quickly and here we at Friday already! I started writing this post on Monday and before I knew it, Friday was here and I missed posting my review.  My weekend was sweet and sad.  The sweet part, I got to see my granddaughters again and take them to get their nails done. The sad part, my ex-Father-In-Law, isn't dong well and my daughter drove in to say her final goodbyes to her grandpa.  I am glad she drove in, as he passed away on Wednesday and she is heart broken.  She and her husband live in Fort Worth and will be driving back again next week for his funeral.

Work is going well.  Seems as though things with "The Warden" are changing gears.  For the last 3 weeks, she's has to miss work, come in late or leave early and it's always last minute.  I hope she's going on interviews and finds a new job.  She has decided to monitor when I take lunch and when I come back.  She called while I was still at lunch the other day and when I called her to see what she wanted, she answered with "oh you are back" in a sarcastic tone.  Wanting to respond with "no shit, I'm calling right?" I simply said, yes I'm back.  What did she want....she wanted to go to lunch and wanted to know if I could handle things on my own! So, yea, I'm totally fine working alone, in fact I prefer it when she isn't there and it's just myself and the nice girl. Not even an hour later she called me and was totally nice.  I cannot take her rollercoaster personalities.  Mean, then nice, then mean and mean!  Blah, blah ,enough of my boring work drama, LOL. Oh, I almost forgot, we got the house!! I am beyond excited to move.  Well, excited about a new house, not so excited about having to move all of our things.  Moving is a pain!

Today's review is another beautiful Limited Edition polish.  Unteal She Is Blue contains green-tinged blue holographic microglitter with assorted holographic accents. Aqua- and lilac-shimmered denim base. Depending on application, opacity can be achieved in two coats.  Which is exactly what I used, two smooth coats and finished with a shiny topcoat.

I know what you are thinking, what the hell is that on her ring finger!  LOL, I laughed too, but thought, hey....we are start off as beginners in free-hand nail art, right?  What I wanted it to be, was a "brushed" looking flower, but as you can see, I am not sure what it is, haha!  Unteal She is Blue is such a pretty combination and great for year round wear.  This Limited Edition can be bid on, if it is listed, on Ebay in an auction style listing.  That is all I have for you today.  The next few weeks are going to be busy with getting moved into our new home.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where is all is.

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