Sunday, March 31, 2013

Jamberry Nail's Weekend Series Part II

A big Happy Hoppity Easter to everyone!! I hope you are enjoying time with your family and or friends. Since my kids are grown adults, the hubby and I are just relaxing today.  On my blog I have a few more Jamberry Nail's Designs to share with you, that I have found on Instagram.  I cannot say enough good things about this product, they are fabulous! I just put on a new design today, after wearing them for 2 weeks, that's right 2 weeks!  There was no chipping or peeling, they looked the same as the day I put them on :)  Let's take a look at the photo's


Jamberry Nail's have over 200+ designs to choose from and when you mix and match, as you can see in the photo's above, the possibilities are endless.  They are so, so easy to apply and are not harmful to your nails at all.  There is no foul smell like the store bought brands and the quality cannot be compared to the Jamberry Nail's.  They are as easy to take off as there are to put on.  I use the "foil" method, the same used when removing a glitter mani

There is not a design that I do not like, I could have them all and never get bored!! Each Jamberry Nail's sheet comes with 18 nail strips/wraps in 9 different sizes and each strip/wrap covers 2 fingernails, unless you have very long nails.  So you can get a several mani's and a pedi out of just 1 sheet, even more if you use them as an accent nail combined with polish, both ways are BeAuTiFuL!!  Right now there is a fantastic promotion of buy 3 get 1 free.  You can order alone or team up with a friend or two and split the order.  You can view the many designs and place an order by clicking here.   I also have a Facebook page too which can be seen by clicking here. 

If you would like to learn how you can get **FREE** Jamberry Nail's, leave me a comment or send me an email to  Until next time, may your days be filled with beautiful polish and rockin' Jamberry Nails~

xoxo Shea 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

My Weekend Jamberry Nails Series

Hello Everyone!! It has been a long time since my last post, as I was one of the lucky ones to catch Strep throat!! Let me tell you it has been a 2 week butt whipping!  Sanitize, Sanitize! Germs are everywhere!  Now that I am feeling half way human again and getting my strength back, I'd like to share some fabulous photos that I found on Instagram of Jamberry Nails.  Earlier this month I decided to join a team and become a Jamberry consultant and I LOVE it and the product!! This is nothing like the store bought "nail stickers" at all.   There is no mess, no fuss and no foul smell.  These are easy to apply, all you need is a nail file, nail scissors, a blow dryer or a small rice bag, and that's it!! It only takes about 5 minutes to apply them and the last up to 14 days on your nails and 3-4 weeks on your toes.  No chipping, pealing, smudging at all.  Get the look of a professional art work manicure, in the comfort of you own home.....and they come in kid sized too :)  So here are a few of my favorite photo's found on Instagram:

The Watermelons are so very cute and can be worn by any age. Being able to mix and match the nail wraps gives you endless possibilities of beautiful mani's that last a long time.  You can also use only a few wraps and spice up your polish mani with a few accent nails too!! The Peacock photo is ALL Jamberry Nails, no polish and it is such a beautiful combination!! Jamberry Nails offers 250 different designs to choose from and can be found on my webpage by clicking right here.  This month's promotion is buy 3 get 1 free, you can purchase alone or buddy up with a friend and split an order.   You can also see my personal photos and those of happy customers on my Facebook page by clicking here.

So what do you think?  I love and appreciate any and all comments~ Until next time, may you days be filled with lots of beautiful polish AND Jamberry Nails~~

xoxo Shea

Monday, March 18, 2013

Nails and Toes by Jamberry Nails

Happy Monday to everyone! The weekend went by so fast and it's back to work for many~ As you may have noticed my blog posts have not been so frequent and will continue to be until some things get sorted out.  Life happens sometimes, but you have to just smile and get through it.  Today I have another Jamberry Nails mani and Pedi.  **Warning for those that creep out with feet pictures!! Since becoming a Jamberry Consultant my love for these have grown and grown.  For my current situation in life, these work fabulous as they last 2 weeks on your hands and 3-4 weeks on your toes :) It is the same addiction as polish, there are soooo many designs, I want them all!!  On to the photo's, and this will be a short post....


For my hands I used the Zebra and Purple Peacocks designs.  I did not like it at first, but after applying them on my other hands, they look really cute!

For my toes I use the Metallic Leopard French tips design and I LOVE this!! I did think they would look good on my hands, but now I cant wait to try them :) That is it for my post today.  If you would like to see more designs, please click here to view my webpage and I am also have an online launch party event to kick off my new business, you can view and join by clicking here. This is a public event, so please feel free to invite your friends and family!!  Until next time, may your days be filled with lots of beautiful polish and Jamberry Nails :)

xoxo Shea

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Lazy Sunday with Jamberry Nais

Happy Sunday!! It's been a while since my last post, but life gets in the way at times...Today I have a Jamberry Nails mani.  I recently became a Jamberry Nails consultant and cannot wait to get started.  For this mani I used 3 different styles with Julep Patti.  This will be a short, but fun post.  So, on to the pictures:


I love these nail shields and they last a long time too. I have had them on my toes for 3 weeks now and no issues with chipping or coming off.  They are great for those that want to grow their nails out with out having to change polish frequently.  These can last up to 21days and grow with your nails.  They are easy to apply and easy to take off, using the same foil method that is used for glitter.

I love to include a snap shot using the Color Splash app :)

I enjoy having these as an option, as you can use them for each finger or incorporate 1 or 2 in your polish mani.  As I stated, I just became a Jamberry Consultant and I am having my launch party via Facebook Event, which can be found by clicking here.  You can also access my webpage here, to view over 200 different designs and take advantage of this months promotion of buy 3 get 1 free.  That is all for today, until next time, may your days be filled with lots of beautiful polish!!
xoxo Shea

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Jamberry Nails on 2 ADORABLE girls!

Happy Saturday!  It has been a few days since my last post as I was waiting for two certain little girls to arrive to visit their "jammaw".  I am not ready to be called grandma, so the girls call me Jammaw :)  Today's post is all about their cute little hands!  Adilynn is 5 and went through just about my entire collection and decided on KBShimmer Made a Blue Blue and a very cute Polka dot Jammberry.  Laila is 3 and she too searched my collection and chose a Quo by Orly mini that does not have a name and also chose a very cute Polka dot Jamberry.  This was so much fun for me to do, as they live in another city and I do not get to see them that often.  It was a bit tough getting Laila to sit still, but for only being 3, she did fantastic!  After every picture I took, they wanted to see it before taking the next.  So let's get to these adorable pictures!!

Adi picked up the polish like she had been taking photo's before!  I did not help her position her hands, she is too cute! The Jamberry she chose is SO cute!!


Laila needed a bit a help holding the bottle, you can see my thumb, it looks like she has 6 fingers!! She did so good and loved posing for the pictures too.


What do you think?  I love how these turned out and the Jamberry Nails are PERFECT for kids and they last a long time!  I was going to save my announcement for another post, but decided to leak it out here.  I have become a Jamberry Nails Consultant and I am so excited to start my new business.  I even have my very own Jamberry Nails webpage!! Please go and check out my webpage and take a look at the new designs for Spring/Summer 2013.  They are all so neat! You can view my Jamberry Nails webpage by clicking here.  You can place order's directly on my page and there is a buy 3 get 1 free promotion.  This promo works great if  you split the order with someone.  Each sheet has 20 Jamberry nails, 2 in every size and with the promo you would get 80 images.  Pick 4 designs and you each get 40 Jamberry nails and split the cost. That is all for today, until next time may you day be filled with beautiful polish and adorable Jamberry Nails~