Thursday, March 24, 2016

Wednesday's with Lynnderella | Navy Chill Limited Edition

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Seems like it's been forever since I did my last Lynnderella review, man this past week has gone by slooooow! I never thought I'd hate moving more than I do now.  We have so much stuff, that it would have taken an army to move us in one day.  We have to be out by this weekend, so the hubs had to take 2 more days off to finish getting everything out of there! Il be glad when it's done and I'm excited to have me of the rooms turne into my office/beauty/polish room.  I've bought a few things and so far it's looking really good.  I'm most excited about getting one of those mirrors with lights all around it, the kind they use in Hollywood :) Work drama, more on that next week.

I have quite a unique polish to share with you today and I'm totally embarrassed to say I had no idea it was a thermal!! Sigh, I took photos then researched the details and by then I had already taken off the polish...stupid me! I did find a few photos that shows the transformation though! Navy Chill is an amazing Thermochromatic Holographic Microglitter ( YES, this is a bottle of awesomeness ) that shifts from Royal Navy Blue to gorgeous Silver-y Aqua, all uniquely contained in a clear shimmer base.  Depending on application, one can achieve opacity in 2 coats.  Which is exactly what I applied, 2 fantastic smooth coats, en finished with a shiny top coat.  Let's have a look...

Full Sun

This is the magic that happens when you add water!  *Photo Credit * belongs to Erins Polish Playground. 

Such a unique polish and a must have for any collector and polish lover.  This is a Limited Edition, so keep your eyes open and bid on it when it appears on the Lynnderella Ebay store.  I will leave all the links below.  That is all I have for you today.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where it all is!

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