Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Lynnderella Wednesday | Pinking of Blue - Limited Edition

Hello Hello Hello!!

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Seems like it's been forever since my last blog post! I had to postpone my reviews until my nubs grew out enough for the polish to look as beautiful as it was created.  It was like a domino bad break and the rest followed suit.  I tried saving them with the Orly nail patch kit with a tea bag, but that didn't work, as they had broke in the middle of my nails.  After using OPI Nail Envy, Kiss Bliss Cuticle oil and a daily dose of Biotin, my nails are getting back to being strong and healthy again.   Nothing new to report at my job, the drama has gone away ever since "mean girl" was moved to another account. All the crazy drama with the Ex-wife is still there, she's been quiet these past few weeks, which  usually means she's still drinking and trying to plot her next attack on me.  There's never a dull moment when your dealing with an alcoholic! My stepson has been living with us since Feb 8th, has seen his mom...wait for it, only 3 times and one of those visits, he called an hour and half later , said he wanted to come home.  That speaks volumes!! All that matters is he is with us, full time-24/7, he is happy, his grades are now passing and he doesn't miss a lot of school like he did when he was living with her.  He told us she made him lie and say he was sick, when in reality she was too drink to drive him to school or even wake him up!  #Priorities I hope she wakes up one day and realizes that she's chosen alcohol over her child, by then it will be too late.  My stepson already resents  her for all the things she's put him through and all physical and mental abuse he's had to witness over the last 8 years.  The only positive I hope he learns from this, is to *not* drink or become an abusive alcoholic.  Enough of that, it makes me so angry to know a "mother" chooses alcohol over her own child.  So much for being thankful for the gift God gave her!

For today's review,  I have another gorgeous blue creation to share with you.  Lynnderella Limited Edition Pinking of Blue is a Periwinkle Blue microglitter-shimmer hybrid with extra bright Silver holographic microglitter and Pink-Blue shimmer all beautifully packed into a bottle.  It's simply gorgeous and the formula is perfect! It could easily be a 1-coater, but to add more depth I applied 2 coats and finished with a high shine top coat. I love that the color peek through in different lighting. I really wanted to add a bit of nail art, but the length of my nails aren't quite long enough yet, so I added a few nail art stickers I received as a press sample. Stay tuned for that review coming in th next few days.  Let have a look....

Such a beautiful creation.  There is something about a microglitter and holographic combination that grabs my attention.  You can bid on Pinking of Blue, if it comes up on the Lynnderella Ebay store.  As of today, May 18th there is an auction listed.  I will leave all the links below.  That is all I have for you today.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where is all is!


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