Sunday, August 24, 2014

Origami Owl Fall Line----Caution there are things one must have!!

Hello Lovelies!!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their Sunday :) Today I'd like to share a few items from the new CORE Fall collection from Origami Owl.  This line is so versatile and carries such powerful meanings, not to mention fashionable!! There is something for everyone's taste in this collection.  Let's get to the photo's......

This collection is amazing!! Even J-Lo wears Origami Owl! In our CORE line each charm has a meaning to it, visit my website HERE to see all of our new Fall line.  I am most excited about the Lanyard Lockets!  Do you have to wear a badge at work?  I used to and they are not very fashionable and l always took mine off as it made my outfit look hideous.....well, no more of that!! Take a look at our new lanyards.  Like our lockets, you choose your design and charms, everyone in your office will want one.  AND I do have a referral program.  If you place an order and a friend or co worker wants to place an order too, refer them to my website, then let me know their names and I will send you a free gift once they have placed an order :) *** If you are a blogger and would like to do a review, I am offering a Bloggers Discount for a limited time.  I have already reached my limited of sending out free items.  If you are interested, please leave me a comment and send an email to  That is all for this beautiful Sunday, until next time, Keep looking up cause that's where it all is!!
xoxo Shea


  1. Love the pics! JLo?!? I never knew how popular the OO have become! Thanks for sharing :)

    1. Yes!! I have photo's of other celebs wearing Origami too ...Reba, Taylor Swift just to mention a few ❤️