Friday, May 9, 2014

Contouring and Highlighting- Does it really make a difference?

Hello Lovelies!!!

I have been doing a lot of thinking about my blog and what direction I want to go in.  My addiction is far deeper than just polish, in fact my first addiction in beauty was Bare Escentuals Mineral Eye Shadows. Which was of course followed by their very famous "swirl,tap and buff" mineral foundation.  Since 2004 I have been a make up collector.  My mineral eye shadow jars collection is larger than my polish addiction and I still find my self buying more.  I have discovered a few Indie brands and I love their eye shadows. That will be in a different post.  My newest addiction is BB Cream, CC Cream and Concealors.  I have several brands to compare that will fit everyone's budget.  I watch a lot of You Tube videos and now following a lot of Beaty bloggers and IG Makeup Artist and have found Contouring and Highlighting intriguing.  When I first saw how contouring was done, I thought to my self, ummm I'm as white as milk, how in the heck is a dark concealer going to look on me, I'm going to look like I'm playing Cowboys and Indians!! I found 2 tutorials, which I will share later on in this post, that are easy to follow, with simple steps that give you the "Scarlet Movie Star" look.  I have to say I was very skeptical that this would not work on my very fair skin.  WOW, was I surprised at the out come!! I've never seen my face look so radiant like I just had a professional session with a celeb make up artist, it was flawless!! Just as I've read, my skin looked glowing and my cheeks, oh my, I looks like I had perfect high check bones, the kind you dream of!! So, yes......Contouring DOES work along with highlighting! When you follow the technique, everything blends and does exactly what it's supposed to.  You may ask, but when do you do this, before applying foundation or after? I had this question too and in my research, I've found that it is generally done AFTER you've applied your foundation.  However, it can be done BEFORE you apply your foundation, but your contouring effect will not be as prominent. It all comes down to preference and what you want you finished look to be.  Take a look at these amazing pictorials.


LOOK at the amazing transformation!! The first time I learned of contouring, I thought NO WAY is a dark concealer or BB cream going to look right on my skin.  Since I will try anything once, I gave it a shot and I was amazed at the difference in my skin's appearance.  I actually had cheek bones that showed!  LOL  I found an amazing step-by-step tutorial that you can view by clicking HERE  I used this link earlier this week and it was super easy to do. This is a great step by step tutorial for beginners.  What do you think of adding contouring to your daily beauty regimen?  The fascinating thing I found is that contouring can look very natural for day time wear and glamorous for evening too!  Below are the links of which I found information about contouring and highlighting.  Click HERE too view another tutorial I found quite helpful and also HERE  The last tutorial I found is easy to follow as well, click HERE to view.

That is all I have for this evening.  Keep a look out for my next post, as I will be showing you photo's and the steps I use when contouring and highlighting.  I'd love to hear your thoughts and any suggestions, tips you'd like to share.  Until next time, Keep looking up because that's where it all is.



  1. I too recently discovered highlighting/contouring...not sure I am doing it right, yet....had meant to look up some more I'll check out your links! Thanks for this post :)

    1. I am still learning too. I currently am practicing with BB creams to get the process down, then I will spend the money on concealers. I LOVE IT Cosmetics products from QVC Their brushes are to die for too!!

    2. Same here on the IT Cosmetics and brushes, I have several sets from there so I could try the products and score the brushes. I have the newer powder foundation and brush, the CC cream and brush, and a a couple diff tubes of the concealer and a brush. Not to sound dumb but it never occurred to me to apply foundation/BB/CC cream with a that one is my fave...

    3. It never occurre to me either, until I started practicing. I didn't want use up all of my concealer. I am fascinated my contouring, I never thought it would look right on me, but now I'm addicted!!!