Monday, July 28, 2014

Origami Owl Living Lockets - Part II

Hello Lovelies!!

It's Monday, darn the weekend went by super fast!  My weekend was a fabulous one, as I got to see my 2 beautiful little granddaughters!  My daughter and her husband were in town for her baby shower.  She is due with baby #3 next month and they are having another girl :)  I have part 2 of my Origami Owl Locket post.  I did find out today that we have some exciting new items coming out in the fall and one of them is an ADORABLE Lanyard!! I cannot wait to see this, even though I don't have a job, I still totally want one...LOL  I know many women who have to wear a work badge and these are going to be such a hit!  Just like the lockets, you design them too!!  Below is a sneak peak at what's to come:


How cute are those new items!!! I cannot wait for the new C O R E line to come out, I love bangle bracelets.   Stay tuned for more details as the release date gets closer.  What do you think of the new items?  Would you wear the new lanyard?  That is all for today, until next time, Keep looking up cause that's where it all is.



  1. I could use the lanyard for my work badge, then maybe I'd actually wear it. So odd, but after I saw your last post on Origami Owl this weekend, I had a flyer stuck on my mailbox from a local about that same rose gold locket for hosting.

    1. Right!! I never wore my badge when I was working. I always carried it in, used it to get in then left it on my desk. lol. I really love the Rose gold items and some of them are being retired! If your thinking about hosting, I do online parties only, they are much easier, less hassle and everyone orders online at their convenience!! Let me know if your ever interested :)