Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nail Art Challenge - Holly

After all of the recent tragedies around the world, I have not felt up to blogging or even painting my nails.  However, polish does make the world go 'round :) My post today is day 9 of the SMYTC Holiday Nail Art Challenge.  This was a challenge for me, as I had no clue how to "paint" Holly.

I suppose I could have outlined them, but who am I kidding....I hold my breath when I polish my nails!! I would have passed out trying to outline the green blobs :)  Once I figure out how to use my new light box, my photo's should look better.

I used my "go to" holiday poish, China Glaze Glistening Snow, Nubar Red Sparkle and a Sinful green with no name.  I am looking forward to the next challenge, which is Gifts.  Until then, may your day be filled with beautiful polish.

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