Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Day after Christmas

WOW, Christmas has been here and gone already!  This year and especially this month has flown by.  My husband and I celebrated our 1st year of marriage on Christmas Eve.  Funny story...we got married at 11:30am on 12/24/11 and did not tell anyone, not even my best friend....yes, it was VERY hard for me to keep my mouth shut! We went to my parents house afterwards to start the holiday cheer.  We did not tell anyone when we got there either.  A few hours pass and my cousin, bless her little blonde soul, says very loudly, OMG look at that ring on Shea's finger!! Did ya'll get married?  I say in a very low tone, shhh, we just got married this morning.  She raises her glass of wine and yells "Shea and Robert got married this morning...whooo hoooo!!" We both looked at her with blank faces...she said whats wrong, I said, we have not told anyone yet, but they all know now!!  A classic Chevy Chase moment!

On to today nails.  My 1st real polish review is for none other than the brilliant Maria, from NailNation3000.  Her creations are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! If you love Holo's, Maria is your girl! I am wearing 4Get Me Not.  This just shouts LOOK AT ME!!!
This is was taken with flash to capture all of its beauty.  I buffed my nails prior to application and did not use a base or top coat.  All photos are 2 thick coats of pure happiness! The application was easy, formula was perfect, no clean up around my cuticles was needed~

You can purchase her beauties direct from Maria on her fan Facebook Page at!/NailNation3000?fref=ts or through Llarowe.

Also featured in todays post is Simple Nail Art Tips, Pure Crisp cuticle oil.  This is the cure ALL of cuticle oils, nail hardeners and nail growth.  Anna's Pure Crisp cuticle oil pens are so easy to use and they smell so good.  I noticed an immediate change in the appearence of my dry cracked cuticles.  I have tried everything and nothing worked.  A fellow friend and blogger introduced me to this product and I will never go with out it.  Not only are my cuticles beautiful, but my nails are growing and look so healthy.  My husband has started demanding that I oil his cuticles every night!! He loves the smell too. You can purchase the Pure Crisp Cuticle Pens at and find wonderful Nail Art Tips on her facebook page at!/SimpleNailArtTips  That is all for today, until tomorrow, may your day be filled with lots of beautiful polish~


  1. I love the cuticle oil. :) She's got other scents she's trying out too and I really really like the winter scent. :)

  2. I just got my Pure Cuticle Oil today! I am so excited, it smells amazing, and obviously my cuticles and nails are parched because they soak it up super fast!

  3. The 1st day, I almost used 1 pen, my cuticles were so bad!