Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Spam

Happy Saturday to all, I hope you are enjoying your weekend and hitting all the polish sales.  Today I have a color that my wonderful husband pick out for me.  He knows my love for the color Pink.  I just love the fact that he will go on his own, not only looking for polish for me, but polish for others, that I have told him what they are looking for.  He bought the prettiest Pink that I have seen in a while, L'Oreal Penthouse Pink.  It did take 3 coats to reach full color, but the formula was smooth and easy.

I added a light coat of Color Club Magic, which is beautiful as a topper and even more stunning with two coats I used on my pointer fingers.  This is a great polish for the price and I love the shape of the bottles.  They look so pretty in my polish rack.

I accidentaly took a pic backwards using my cell phone, but I love how this turned out.  I am going to try and use this method in my light box.  What do you think? What pinks do you have and love.  That is all for today, until then, may you day be filled with lots of beautiful polish~

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