Monday, January 7, 2013

It's Penguins!

Alas. I am finally at a point that I can take on my blog full time.  I for one, am glad 2012 is over and I am ready to take on 2013.  Today I have a polish by F4 Polish Pink Peguins and China Glaze 100 Pink Proof.  When I saw these polishes, I knew I just had to have them.

Not only are the bottles adorable with the little bling, the formula was fantastic! Not one single issue with the application.  This polish will look great with any undies~

I am a sucker for Pink and fine glitter type polish, so this is a win-win for me.  I am still using the Pure Crisp cuticle oil and my cuticles have never look better! The next 6 weeks I will be blogging a ton, as I agreed to participate in a No Buy with some fabulous ladies on the Show Me Your Top Coats group.  Yes, this mean I cannot purchase polish until 2/16/13.  Why would I do such a thing to myself?  Everyone knows that I cannot go 5 minutes with out purchasing polish!  I'm doing this to prove to myself that the polish world is not going to go away, if I do not buy polish :)

All in all, I love the way this turned out.  Next up for the F4 polish.....I'm going to attempt a gradient over a white polish.  I think it will be stunning.  F4 polish can be purchased on her Etsy shop  Until tomorrow, may your day be filled with lots of beautiful polish.

xoxo Shea