Monday, July 6, 2015

365 Lacquer | 1940, Orquidea & Anthias

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I hope everyone had a safe and Happy 4th of July.  We stayed home, as I'm one of those people that does not like to go out on a holiday, as the next day the news is filled with sad stories of people who died from either a drink driver or fireworks.  I'm all about celebrating, but at home, where I know I'm going to wake up the next day.  Today I have three beautiful creme polishes from 365Lacquer to share with you. The colors are nice, the formula is smooth, a little on the thin side, but I was able to achieve opacity with 3 thin coats and no VNL.  All of my photos are 3 coats finished off with HK Girl top coat.  For my accent nail, I attempted the Saran Wrap technique and added EP Festival to give it a little bling.  365Lacquer polishes are:

■ 5-free (No formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalates, toluene, camphor, or formaldehyde resins)
■ Ultra fast dry
■ Vegan
■ No animal testing
■ Handcrafted

First up is 1940, which I LOVE the name! It is a beautiful Baby Pink color and is work appropriate.

Next up is Orquidea and it is a beautifully unique shade, described as a Vibrant Milky Orchid Crème.  This too is work appropriate as well.

Lastly is Anthias, which is described as a Neon Coral Pink shade.  A neon that isn't "in your face" bright, but is just the right color balance that you could get away with wearing it to work in a corporate setting.  

365Lacquer is a fairly new Indie brand, opened October 17, 2014 and I am impressed with her polishes.  Not only are they all versatile colors, but they are very affordable, priced at just $7.99 for a full size bottle! In addition to offering crèmes, glitters and metallics, she also offers custom made polishes.  The neat thing about the process of ordering a custom polish, is you create what you want right on her website! Simply select the color, the finish you want and give it a name :) I do plan on creating a custom polish in the future.  That is all I have for you today.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where it all is. 


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