Thursday, July 2, 2015

Wednesday's with Lynnderella | Groom TBD

Hello Lovelies!

I do apologize for my post being a day late.  I got a bright idea that it was time for me to start working out with a trainer......someone should have explained to me that by day 3, I wouldn't be able to walk, sit, lay down, etc LOL.  I know in the end I will feel great, but getting there is tough! I am proud of myself just for getting up and being there at 5:30 in the morning everyday Mon-Fri, yes 5 time a week and it isn't done inside a plush air conditioned gym, nope, it's done outside in the parking lot at a local middle school!! Texas heat and humidity will make you sweat like a hooker in church! At least my nails look pretty for every workout :)

Today I have a very unique shade to share with you.  Lynnderella Groom TBD is one of those combinations that can be worn over any color to give it that "pop,  It is a translucent white with blue shimmer and assorted blue iridescent accents, simply stunning.  The formula is nice and smooth, no issues at all.  This is 2 coats over Sinful Sweetheart Tooth, with 1 coat of Out the Door TC. 

You can really see the blue shimmer in the macro photo's.  Groom TBD is part of the Lynnderella Limited Edition collection and can be bid on in auction style on their Ebay store.  This is one you will want to have, as it is so versatile with any color! That is all I have for you today. Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where is all is.

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