Monday, May 25, 2015

NAYLL Polish - The new way to create your custom polish Part 1

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I have such a fabulous post for you today, so grab your popcorn, sit back, relax and get ready to,be WOWED!   There's a new Indie brand in town and she's bringing creating your own custom polish right to your finger tips.  Yes, I did say create your own custom polish and it's very affordable.  It's like having a "custom polish bar" right in your lap.  I love this genius concept that Sara with NAYLL  has created.  It's no secret that just about every polish addict and polish lover, jumps at the chance to get their hands on custom made polishes....well, Ladies and Gents, now you can! NAYLL lets you create your own custom polish from A to Z, including naming your polish.  There are 2 options you can choose from to create, Shimmer and Glitters.  I opted to create glitters, 3 of them with each one being named after my three adorable little granddaughters.  So here's is how it works.  First you select  your base color either for a glitter polish or a shimmer polish, you can even create a glitter topper, with a clear base.  Next, you select the glitters you want ( I loaded all of mine up)  Oh, and did I mention the base for the glitter option is a Jelly!!! Creating a custom polish that's like a jelly sammich is aaaaamazing!  There is a nice variety of glitters that come in different shapes and sizes, from holographic to matte, it's a polish play land playground.  The possibilities are endless of what you can create, from simple with just 1 or 2 glitters, to creating a disco ball glitter explosion.  The choice is your to make.  I cannot say enough fabulous things about NAYLL.

  I'm so excited to show you what I created.  My three little granddaughters are 7, 5 and 9 months old and they were my inspiration behind my creations of my first three bottles,  Adilynn Grace, Laila Bug and Maddox Rose.  My daughter really didn't give Laila a middle name of "bug", that's what we call her, our little Laila Bug, because she loves Lady Bugs :)   I was even able to get my husband involved and he created and named a polish as well.  I will have part 2 for y'all in a few days with the two polishes we created.   Now, on to my first set of creation.

Adilynn Grace - I started with the Plum Jelly base ( BLJ5 ) and loaded it with Gold Holographic Hex in 3 sizes, .008, .025 and .062, Gold Holographic Stars 1/8 and Matte Gold Hex .040.  I am very pleased with how this turned out.


 Laila Bug - I started with the Red Raspberry Jelly base ( BLJ7 ) and add 2 sizes if Violet Hex .008 and .025, Matte Hot Pink Stars and Matt Hot Pink flakes.  This combination fits Laila's personality too!

 Maddox Rose - This is for my youngest granddaughter who is just 10 months old and is always happy.  I started with the Coconut Jelly base ( BLJ8) and added Black Diamonds, Black Holographic Hex .008, Pink Holographic Squares 0.35, Turquoise Holographic Hex .025, Sea Blue Holographic Squares .035, Violet Holographic Hex .025 and Pink Holographic Hex .008.  Whew, this was quite a creation and I am so pleased with the out come.

 This was such a fun tribute to my 3 granddaughters and even more fun creating them.  NAYLL offers so many options, you will want to create more and more.  Stayed tuned for part 2 of my NAYLL creations that my husband and myself did.  Make certain to follow Sara, the creator of NAYLL on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  To create your very own custom made polish visit her NAYLL Website to get started.  That is all I have for you today.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where is all is!

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