Friday, May 1, 2015

30 Days of Colour May Challenge Day 1 - Gold / Dotticure

Hello Lovelies!!

It's a new month and that means a brand new nail challenge :)  Our challenge for May is going to be a little bit different.  We will still have a color theme, but this month we have added in nail art too, but we will only post 3 times a week.  This challenge is very optional, as you can choose to only swatch color or only do the nail art, or do both.  Today is the first day of the challenge, however anyone can Join Us, it is a lovely group of ladies and you can post at your leisure.  You do not have to be a blogger either.  You can post in the group, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, etc Anywhere you'd like to.  I will include a copy the 30 Days of Colour Challenge details below.  Now, today is Day 1 and our themes are Gold and Dotticure.  Oh boy, I haven't don't nail art in quite some time and after I finished, I thought to myself, "why didn't I stamp this" haha!  It was a fun experience and I plan to practice those dots more. 

Gold - For my Gold, I used Enchanted Polish The Good Life.  There is so much rainbow sparkle packed into this polish, it was blinding me while I was trying to take these photos!!

Dotticure - For this I used Picture Polish Whimsy, Enchanted Polish The Good Life and Color Me Monthly Monday.  This is the second time, I think I have attempted a "dotticure" mani.  Although it looked easy when I was searching for inspiration, it isn't, for me at least.  It takes a steady hand and the right amount of polish dabbed onto the dotting tool. I'm happy with the way these turned out and look forward to comparing them later down the line after I have mastered this technique!

Have you tried this technique before and are you a master at it?  I found so many inspiring designs on Pinterest that were so pretty and looked a bit too difficult for me, so I went with a mixture of a few I found to be the simplest.  Please do join us in our challenge for May and remember, you can chose which theme you want to do, you do not have to do both.  That is all I have for you today.  Until next time, keep looking up, cause that's where is all is!
XOXO, Shea

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  1. That Enchanted Polish shade is WOW! I also love your dotticure - it's definitely a technique that takes a steady hand and practice but I think you did great. :) I think the nail with the three big dots is my favourite, I always have trouble making all my dots the same size!

  2. You are so kind Katherine, Thank you!