Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I am starting her out Young

Happy Tuesday to everyone.  Today's post is about my adorable niece Maddison, who is following in her Aunt's footsteps.  She LOVES all things make up.  I'm talking lipgloss, lipstick, eye shadows and nail polish! Over the Thanksgiving Holiday, she ask me to paint her nails and she wanted Water Marbling!! I said, how do you know what that is? She is only 5! She said she watches tutorials in the morning before she goes to school. Ummm, she's in Kindergarten! My sister said on the 1st day of school, she had a melt down. I said awe, she didn't want to be away from her mom. My sister said no, she had the melt down because they would not let her bring her purse that had her lip gloss in it! The teacher finally agreed to let her have it, as long as it stayed in her cubby.  I call her a DIT....A Diva in Training!  She's adorable, and smart too.  Here are a few pictures of little Miss Maddison.

We were unaware that after getting her nails painted, she went and put on lipstick!  Funny, that it actually matched the outfit she was wearing! That's all for today, until next time, may your days be filled with lots of beautiful polish.

xoxo Shea


  1. Adorable. :) Just wish the pics were bigger so we could see more! :D

  2. I resized the photo's, I didnt know that could be done :) Let me know if you can see the pics now, please :)