Sunday, January 20, 2013

Painting with a Twist

Hello and Happy Sunday!  Today's post is a bit different.  Last year a friend introduce me to a company called Painting With a Twist. With a confused look on my face, I said, Do tell.  It is the coolest thing ever! You pay a fee, they provide the canvas, the paint, the brushes and you bring the wine. They teach you step by step how to paint.  Yes, I said wine ( that's the twist) You can actually bring what ever you like to drink.  I signed up for a few classes and had a BLAST! I never thought I would be able to paint on a canvas and others be able to tell what is was.  After my 1st completed painting, I was hooked!

The above was my very 1st painting class and it was so much fun.  It is not as hard as it looks and the teacher gives step by step instructions and paints along with you.  This is the best stress reliever! Painting with a Twist is not in every state, but it is a franchise company and I would LOVE to open up my own store!

This was my next class.  I sent this one to my 2 beautiful granddaughters for them to hang in their playroom.  On this one, the instructor had to help me, it was a bit harder than the dress.  You can research Painting with a Twist at , click on "locations" and see if one is near you.  Until next time, may your day be filled with lots of beautiful polish. 

Oh, and HOORAY FOR MY NINER'S!!! Superbowl bound :)

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