Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My 1st ever polish purchase

Today's post is about the very 1st polish I purchase back in September.  I look at this photo and see a big difference in my polishing skills.  I applied it, not know how Jelly polishes work.  Take a look, my 1st thought was "wow, look at my cuticles" LOL

This is my favorite polish by Pahlish, Toxic and Timeless.  If only I had Ana's Pure Crisp cuticle oil at the time and a light box :) Little did I know that this was a jelly polish.  This was 3 thick coats alone.  Tomorrow's post, this same polish, but now I know, sorta know, what I am doing.  Toxic and Timeless is so beautiful, this picture does not do justice.  Until tomorrow, may your day be filled with lots of beautiful polishes.

xoxo Shea

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