Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paris Sparkles Peridot

Happy Sunday! I have for you today a stunning polish from Paris Sparkles, and wow it sparkles.  I wish my camera could have shown her true sparkles. I have recently become a fan of Blue's and Green's and oh how I love glitter polish.  Let's get to what I was able to capture in my photo's below. This is Peridot by Paris Sparkles.

 I have to admit, this is the prettiest Green/Peridot glitter polish I have ever seen.  The formula was fabulous too.  It was an easy application, this is 2 coats over L'Oreal The Temptress Touch.  It is a beautiful combination.

What do you think? Paris Sparkles can be purchased in their Etsy store here.  Today is the Pro Bowl, then next weekend my Niner's will be playing in the SuperBowl!! Don't forget to enter in our Epic Multi Blogger Giveaway.  We have some fantastic prizes! Until next time, may your day be filled with lots of beautiful polish.

XOXO Shea 


  1. Gorgeous! I need to add this to my wish list since Peridot is my birthstone :D

  2. Thank you! In person it is STUNNING!!

  3. Beautiful Shea! About time you relished in the blues and greens!! Two of my favs!! :)

    1. HAH! It's Pink, then Blue and finally Green :)