Friday, June 19, 2015

Sparkly Vernis | Polish Stories & Peach Bouquet | Part 1

Hello Lovelies!!

Happy days it's Friday and the weekend is here! Another week that flew by so quickly and a few new shows premiered this week.  Last night Mistresses aired and man oh man, was it good, it's going to be another great season.  I watched the pilot to Complications as well, a new show that had my full attention for the entire hour and a half!! Did anyone watch these? My DVR is set to record so I can watch them commercial free :)

Today I have two of the four polishes that Sparkly Vernis sent to me for my honest review, to share with you. The other two polishes will be posted tomorrow. The weather has been non-stop thunderstorms with a lot of rain, which resulted in flooding and no sunshine.  I managed to snap a few photo's in the sun, that was literally out for just a few seconds! I decided to invest in a high end LED lamp for my nail polishing desk, so that I am not at the mercy of the sun all the time.  It is scheduled to arrive tomorrow and I am so excited to photograph with it for part 2 of my review.  On to the details.....I did not have any application issues at all, in fact the formula is on point and simply glided onto my nails nicely. 

Polish Stories is a shimmery purple with pink and blue undertones. This is a medium blurple that adds balance to the other girly SV frankies and is deemed a "unique batch"  This is a one-coater! Yes, just one coat, but out of habit I applied 2 coats and finished with Out the Door Top Coat. The color is mesmerizing in real life.  I plan to use this again and add a holographic stamping design.  I can picture it now, gorgeous!!
LED light bulb no flash

LED light with Flash

Peach Bouquet is a light orange jelly with a hint of pink and stunning purple shimmer decorates this flowery bunch.  This too is listed as a "unique batch".  This is an appropriate shade for the work place. I used 3 thin coats to reach full opacity to avoid having a VNL, again no issues at all with the application and then finished with Out the Door Top Coat.  I do have plans to use this shade again and add some free handed nail art.

Full Sunshine

LED light bulb Inside

How gorgeous are these two polishes!?!?  I love the macro shots that show the subtle shimmer.  I cannot say enough great things about this Indie brand.  Sparkly Vernis is a definite must have for any polish lover.  I have two more to share with you tomorrow, using my new LED desk lamp, which I am very excited to see how the photographs turn out.  That is all I have for you today.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where is all is!

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