Saturday, June 20, 2015

Sparkly Vernis | Right up my Ally & Fire Flies and Stars - Part 2

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I have the final 2 polishes from Sparkly Vernis to share with you today, that were sent to me for my honest review.   Before I get started I have to tell you what I witnessed today while my husband and I were eating.  It has been on my mind ever since and has really bothered me.  We sit down and Immediately notice a family, young couple in their 20's with 4 young children, two boys and 2 girls all under the age of 6.  Facing me is the dad and what appears to be 2 years old twins, a boy and a girl, just adorable!  As time goes on, I see the dad in a stern voice tell the little boy to eat his food, the child already has food in his mouth.  This man picks up a fork, puts a few spiral noodles on it and shoves it in the little boys mouth and yells "eat it now", which caught everyone's attention.  The poor little boy has fear in his eyes, tries to open his mouth even more and starts gaging, yet his dad is still forcing the food into his mouth, looking at right at him saying "chew it chew it!"  I sat there in disbelief as this little boy tried to quickly chew his food.  The man continued to stay on his ass, telling him to eat his food and when the boy went to take a drink, he again raised his voice and said "I didn't say that you could have a drink". At this point I can no longer eat my food as I watched, then the boy picks ups a piece of meat and the dad looks over, slaps his hand that's holding the fork, which drops out of his hand and says "I told you not to take another bite" and the poor boy starts to cry, mind you he's 2 or younger.  My heart is racing and I start thinking, this is that TV show "What Would You Do", it has to be, parents don't act like this.  Sadly, no that wasn't the case.  This jackass continues to harass his child by telling the other kids how bad he is and that he won't be getting a snack or eat anything else for the day.   I could see the fear in this little boys eyes and could tell nothing he did was going to ever be right. The "dad" grants permission for him to take a drink of his juice.  I started to tear up in the restaurant and wanted to so badly walk over to their table and give this man a piece of my mind and hug that poor little boy and tell this douche bag exactly what I thought! I had finished eating and it was time for us to leave and I just could not don't get up.  The little boy was looking at me, I smiled at him,  quickly waved and we left the restaurant.  That was 10 hours ago and all I have been able to think about is this poor kid that I watched be abused for an hour.  I don't want to even think how things are at home, if this man has no problem yelling at kid child in public.  Everyone around us and them had the same look on their faces as my husband and I did.  I will be praying for those kids, especially that adorable little boy.

Tissues are put away and I'm ready to tell you about these two beautiful polishes! I saved these for last, as they are my favorite colors.   The formula on both of these are nice, some could get away with just one coat, but I do need to warn you use a good base coat with Fire Flies and Stars, as I had staining and only had the polish on less than 5 minutes.  Let's take a look at my photos and you will see a big difference on the photos where I used my new LED lamp that I spoke about in yesterday's post.  I am so glad I bought this lamp!!

Fire Flies and Stars has gold shimmer and silver holographic microglitter blended together in a burgundy base.  It is a beautiful vampy color, but did quickly stain, as I only had the polish on for less than 5 minutes.  I strongly recommend using a good base coat to prevent staining.  I will be wearing this one again, as I love microglitters :)

Right Up My Alley is a Bright red crelly with pink undertones, purple shimmer and fine holographic dust.  This is a limited Edition and a must have! Wow, this is a stunner of a creation and lives up to it's name.  If I were to create a custom polish, this is it exactly.  I love everything about it and cannot wait to wear it again with some sort of nail art.  

Can you tell the difference in my photos? I a very pleased with my new LED desk lamp and love how the photos of Right Up My Ally came out, it shows the exact color as it is.  You can find these and other gorgeous polishes on the Sparkly Vernis website.  To keep up with new releases and launch dates, be sure to follow on Facebook and Instagram.  That is all I have for you this evening.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where is all is!

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