Monday, April 20, 2015

30 Days of Colour Challenge Day 20 - Matte Zoya Harlow

Hello Lovelies and Happy Monday!

Did I just say Happy Monday?!?! Wow, my weekend flew by so fast. I did not do anything exciting, but I did manage to finish coloring a page in my new Mandala Coloring Booking Vol 3,which has 50 pages of magnificent Mandala patterns.  If you haven't tried these yet, you need to! It is such a great stress reliever.  These also are available for children too.  I got mine from Amazon and picked up a few others, which will be a future blog post.  Today's theme for Day 20 in our 30 Days of Colour Swatch Challenge is Matte.  I chose Zoya Harlow, which is described on the Zoya website as : Harlow by Zoya can be best described as a rich, saturated rose plum packed with sparkling metallic shimmer in a velvety MATTEVELVET finish. A perfect choice for fall or winter that combines rich color with a lush matte finish. 

Color Family - Purple, Pink
Finish - Matte
Intensity - 5 ( 1 = Sheer - 5 = Opaque )
Tone - Cool

I am not a fan of Matte polishes, however, Zoya Harlow just changed my mind!  It is a gorgeous color and I added a very quick accent nail using a Jamberry Nail Wrap.  I received a sample from Jennifer Concha-Trejo and it was so easy to apply, it took me less than a minute to do.  It looks like professional art work! You can view all the different designs on Jennifer's website and even contact her on Facebook to request a free sample to try out.  The Zoya Matt Velvet Collection is still available to purchase as a set or single bottles.  That is all I have for today.  Until next time, keep looking up cause that's where it all is!


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  1. This polish looks great on you!! Love that accent nail!

    1. Thank you Marisa! When I am in a hurry or time crunch, I love using the Jamberry Nails wraps, it literally took me 20 seconds to apply it!! and my friend Jennifer will send anyone a free sample :)